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What is Own Occupation Disability Insurance?

Filed under: Disability Insurance — Alston @ 1:19 am September 24, 2011

Once you start receiving benefits from a disability insurance company, you will continue to receive your replacement income check until one of two things happen. The benefit period listed on your contract can expire. You can be healthy enough to return to work.

Being able to return to work can mean that you are able to do a job for which your education and experience suit you. This can mean that your benefits can end based on your ability to do a job that you do not want to do.

Depending on your profession you may need the added protection offered by the “Own Occupation” clause.  If you are a surgeon, but don’t want to become a general practitioner or a college professor you may benefit from this policy provision.

If you have concerns about this issue, you will need a policy with an Own Occupation clause. This means that you are considered disabled until you are able to do that job or you voluntarily take another different job.

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